About Us
About The American Artisan Massage Recliner

The American Artisan Massage Recliner is soft on the outside and tough on the inside.
Built to last, this chair has many special features from custom made upholstery in the
fabric of your choice, to a sturdy hardwood frame.

Your American Artisan Recliner was built with pride by skilled

Select Hardwood

Kiln dried for lasting support, the lumber in your chair was precision cut. It was assembled with strength and durability in mind using processes unmatched in the furniture making industry.


Eight Back Rollers

Molded wheels with nylon inserts deliver smooth, even movements from the base of your neck to the lumbar area in your back.
Spaced precisely to touch the pressure points along your spine, these rollers can be stopped in any desired position for an
accurate massage in a specific area.

Seat Massage

Individual, solid state controlled recliner massage motor in the seat provides a full massage along thighs and hips.

Hideaway Control Pouch

Fitted to the side of the arm, this pouch allows the hand held control to be neatly tucked away when not in use.

Electric Position Recline Feature

Easy to operate programed remote control for smooth transitions between upright seating position and recline to desired position.

Foot Rest Massage

Recliner massage action in the footrest area provides high to low massage for lower legs and feet.

Exclusive Massage Back Motors

Our massage motors are designed and engineered by The American Artisan Recliner. The recliner's action, a vertical, horizontal
and circular motion, penetrates without the pounding of a common vibrator.

Drive System

A time tested, maintenance free, system consisting of a gear drive motor, cold rolled steel channel and the knead action roller
carriage insures smooth operation for the life of your chair.